What are some suggested steroids for sale in the UK?

some suggested steroids for sale in the UK

Anabolic steroids:

Some most suggested steroids like Anabolic steroids are man made versions of hormones that are used for different purposes. These steroids are also known as anabolic and androgenic steroids and are used excessively by sportsmen, bodybuilders, and athletes to meet their various needs. Such anabolic steroids can be used to treat or overcome various medical diseases. Due to the many benefits offered by androgenic anabolic steroids, people buy steroids UK frequently. The regular and frequent users of such steroids UK are bodybuilders and athletes. Such bodybuilders either use these steroids to increase their overall strength and enhance their performance or use it to strip extra fat from the body to get a lean and crisp physique before the competition. Moreover, athletes can enhance their performance by taking anabolic steroids as such UK Steroids give enormous strength and take performance to the next level.

Classification of steroids:

The androgenic anabolic steroids due to their intensity of side effects can be classified as follows:

  1. Potent steroids.
  2. Less potent steroids.

Potent steroids are such powerful steroids that can lead to serious outcomes when used either by beginners or used for an extended period of time. It is advised that such steroids be used either by advanced users or under the supervision of someone who has experience of using such steroids.

Good and bad steroids:

Those who are new to using anabolic steroids should always start with a low dose and then increase it as they are more experienced. If the beginners take anabolic steroids in high doses at the start of their cycle or even alone, it can lead to a number of serious side effects and can be life threatening as well. There are a number of popular and mild combinations of steroids which can be used by beginners. Some steroids which can be safe and used individually include Dianabol, testosterone, and Anavar. Apart from male bodybuilders or users, there are many steroids that are safe to be used by women as well. These include Anavar, clenbuterol, Anadrol, Winstrol, etc. Whereas the worst steroids for women include Dianabol, testosterone, and Trenbolone.

Steroids for beginners:

As previously explained, some of the mild steroids include Anavar, testosterone, and Dianabol. Which can easily be used by beginners or newbies who want to get huge muscle size and enhance their performance. They can either take the above mentioned steroids alone or can use them in a cycle. It is best advised to follow a post cycle therapy. Which includes taking different supplements after a particular steroid cycle to minimize adverse outcomes. Beginners can follow the below cycles which are less potent.

1.      Testosterone cycle.

In a testosterone only cycle, the preferred esters that are used include testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate. Not only both of these esters are cost effective, but they are also to be used infrequently and are less painful. In a testosterone only cycle, the dose of testosterone should be between 200 mg to 350 mg a week. And the total duration of this cycle should not exceed six weeks. This cycle is suitable for beginners as it requires fewer doses of testosterone and will eventually help to get ready for higher doses later on. As this cycle involves low doses, one should expect fewer side effects arising by following this cycle.

2.      Anavar cycle.

The Anavar cycle for beginners involves taking Anavar in low doses of between 15 mg a day to 20 mg a day. The total time for running this cycle should not be more than six weeks for beginners. And later on, when they restart the cycle. The dose of Anavar can be adjusted and increased to 20 mg a day for a period of eight weeks.

3.      Testosterone and Anavar cycle.

Beginners can take Anavar with testosterone as well if they want to lose more fat but gain muscles. But combining two or more steroids will increase the chance of having side effects, they should expect side effects as well as compared to following the testosterone cycle. In this stack, the dose of Anavar should remain between 15 mg a day to later on in the cycle 20 mg a day while the dose of testosterone should range from 200 mg to 350 mg a week.

4.      Dianabol cycle.

The Dianabol cycle for beginners involves taking D-Bol for a period of six weeks where the dose level should be 20 mg to 25 mg a day where the average expected weight gain can be about 30 pounds a cycle. This cycle can be more effective for many users as compared to testosterone only cycle.

Buying steroids:

There are certain legalities when it comes to buying anabolic. Due to misuse or abuse of anabolic steroids. Many countries across the world have made it illegal to consume such analeptics and therefore they cannot be bought over the counter from food and drugs stores or any other pharmacy.

Moreover, if anyone is found to do so can face imprisonment along with heavy fines in the UK and US. Although there are countries where it’s legal to possess anabolic steroids, still a major chunk of countries do not allow the possession and selling of analeptics due to these analeptics UK being life threatening. Hence those users like bodybuilders and athletes. Those who require such anabolic analeptics frequently find it very difficult to purchase such anabolic. This leaves them to either make the purchases from underground sources or black markets or from online resellers of the drug who offer steroids for sale which are of good quality and often offered at discount rates and available in different forms like capsules, injections, tablets, etc.

Legal alternatives to anabolic steroids:

As there are a lot of issues associated with anabolic steroids. Like them being potent or not good for health or illegal to be bought over the counter. Many users move towards safer options which involve buying and using natural supplements or natural versions of such anabolic. Which is not only safe to use and can be easily purchased. But also offers a number of benefits to the users without any side effects. However, to remain completely safe in terms of health, it is suggested to buy such alternatives from well-known drug manufacturers.


What are some suggested steroids for sale in the UK?

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