Ways to Throw the Sequin Dress at the Next Party

Sequin Dress

Don’t keep calm! Elevate your dopamine! Discover the magic in yourself for the next party.

A good sequin dress is an investment in your capsule wardrobe, you will be able to bring out your decorated number each year. Petal And Pup have a selection of the best sequin dresses available, and guess what good news is waiting for you? You can get Petal And Pup promo code from Recounts and get a discount on your sequin dress purchase. In addition, find Midi and Maxi styles that are more versatile than you might think. Just wearing a neutral knit over sequins spice up things for a festive lunch/drinks or any big day.


Do you want more special advice for the sequin dress you want to try at the next party?  Then continue reading below.

Keep your Sequin Dress uniquely and simple

Black sequin tops and black pants are perfect if you like to follow trends and keep your fashion choices practical. It has the perfect swing and doesn’t feel like a walking disco ball. Instead, flaunt it the way your individuality does.

Choose the right colour combination

Mix and match your sequin dresses. There is no rule that your sequin party dress needs to be sequins from neckline to hem! Instead, try a semi-formal dress with sequined bodice and tulle skirt or a two-piece party dress with a satin top and sequined pencil skirt. Don’t only get stick to Sequin dresses with classic metallic tones such as gold and silver! Explore the rainbow! Sequins are available in all shades, which complement the colour. From bold red and chic navy blue to delicate purple, pink, and purple sequins, it’s the perfect color for you.



Find the one that fits perfectly 

Make sure your sequin dress fits you comfortably, as all the eyes will be on you as the sparkling sequins will be captivated! Finding the right size and design for your body shape is the key to showing off your style with sequined dresses.do not Ignore your body shape just because Sequins and decorated embroidery add volume to the silhouette. A slight sequin accent cannot add shine without overwhelming your body shape.


Give some credit to your flowing skirt

Bring your magic to life with a sequin crop top and a flowing skirt. However, it’s best to keep the colour palette in mind. Therefore, if the sequins are gold, choose beige or red. For green, you can combine it with grey or black.


Do not over accessorize


Do not accessorize your sparkly dress with too much jewellery. Let your sequin apparel do that for you. Your sequin dress is glimmer enough without needing to add jewellery. You may forego bracelets, necklaces, pendants, pins and keep the jewellery very simple. A pair of rose gold stud earrings or a small pair of rose gold hoops or small rose gold or what kind of earrings depends upon you, you can make even more significant effects with big sparkly earrings or just tiny earrings, letting the dress be flash! Also, keep it simple when it comes to rings: if you’re married or engaged, it is OK to wear your engagement ring or wedding rings, but leave any other rings you also wear off. Remember you want to please eyes when you wear a sequin, not blind them.


Go with neutral shoes and a bag

Keeping the shoes in neutral does not necessarily mean colour neutral. For example, combined with red pumps and a red clutch on a tiny black dress with sequins become the bangs. Or gold shoes and gold clutches – or silver shoes and clutches – or electric blue. While accessorizing your sequin apparel, neutral means no bling at your shoes at all. No sequins and no beads or crystals on the shoes. The same applies to your beg too.


What makeup you should wear exactly with your glittery dress

Give a subtle touch

Play with subtle sparkles and brilliance while keeping the palette neutral. “Add the luxurious, airy glow to your skin. After applying a pink cheek stain, it may be too natural in itself, but do sprinkle a shimmering bronze highlight cheek on the finish. Better use blush. Use the chest, arms, and legs to give the skin a golden glow with a costume that exposes the skin.

Get movie eyebrows

Get movie star eyebrows. “Soft nude colour makeup with soft eyebrows looks too relaxed; Fill the eyebrows to make them richer and longer. Please don’t get too dark and keep them feminine. Stretches it a little, outlines the perfect blow pencil of Sisley Phytosocil in cappuccino along with the eyebrows and fills the top and bottom.

Lipstick and gloss

A layer of lipstick and gloss Nude-toned lipstick alone may be too visible during the day, and brilliance alone may be too easy. So apply a deep nude lipstick and then tap a few dots of nude gloss in the centre to add shine.


In the end, be a confident dresser and break the rules of dressing. Try whatever makes you feel good inside out.

Ways to Throw the Sequin Dress at the Next Party

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