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Watch the Christian Television Shows and Recharge Your Batteries

Watch the Christian Television Shows and Recharge Your Batteries

If you’re looking for family-friendly; religion-based entertainment; your choices aren’t always the best. The most popular streaming sites offer numerous superficial and ineffective alternatives, and shows that denigrate Christianity.

The question is what are the Christian alternatives that you won’t have to be concerned about having your children watch?

It is easy to stream Christian television programs through AWKNG Television.

The platform believes that expanding the Kingdom of God in media and communication is the goal and that the redemption of the protectorate of Christ is a feasible method of bringing the gospel to the people of the present.

You have a variety of great options available All you need do is figure out how to search.

We will be here to help you and we’ve already completed the sorting. Below are the top Christian television shows to catch currently.

Bible Bible

If you’re in search of something short and simple; The Bible is a miniseries; that is centered around the Bible;

The show premiered on TV in 2013 before being transformed into the blockbuster film Son of God.

13.1 million viewers watched the first episode and was followed by 10.8 million and 10.9 million viewers for the 3rd and 2nd shows; respectively.

The show received nominations for 3 Emmy Awards; including outstanding miniseries.

The show employs a mix of computer-generated and live action to tell the biblical stories of two or three in each episode. The show devotes a portion of its time to each one;

focusing on the way they connect to the same message that God’s grace is abounding. If you love the most well-known Bible stories such as the Exodus Noah’s Ark or Jesus Christ’s intriguing life; then this is the show for you.


It is the first TV show to depict an account of the Gospel message Jesus Christ and His followers throughout several seasons. Furthermore than that; it is based on the perspective of faith.

Do not be deceived by the often sarcastic shows made for various streaming platforms the Chosen is a series developed by Christians to anyone who loves the highest quality of television.

The Chosen has received a large amount of praise since its release in the year 2017 with 9.8 score on IMDB and an exemplary mark for Rotten Tomatoes.

The Chosen also purchased the largest media initiative that relies on crowdsourcing. Season one was financed with more than $10 million from more than 16000 venture capitalists.

The Chosen’s Pay it Forward initiative; which encourages fans to “pay it forward” to help fund the future seasons of the television show and to contribute to the cause of a Christian goal; was completely paid for in season two.

Although it’s an issue of religious beliefs; The Chosen is such an excellent product that is appropriate for individuals of all faiths. The teachings of religion as well as the amusement value are fantastic and so are the spiritual lessons that can be used by every person in all walks of life.

Encounter Encounter

The Encounter is based after the film that was the same title. Each episode of the show focuses on modern-day characters who encounter Jesus at the crossroads of their lives. They must come to an important decision to change their lives.

In the story; Jesus is disguised as anything from an employee at the cash register as a social worker and is called “The Man;” and He is aware of every individual’s challenges.

He helps them make important decisions based on Christian principles. Are they willing to follow His Christian instructions or ignore it? The only thing you can do is wait and watch!

Veggie Stories

Big Idea’s VeggieTales is a children’s animated direct-to-video series featuring anthropomorphic vegetable characters in stories that are based on Christian moral ideas.

Between December 21 and through March 3rd; 2015 the show first was broadcast; on the air.

This show seems to be the most loved but; despite the expectations of fans and fears that; its might be renew; show was; cancelled in the year; 2018.

Phil Vischer revealed on Twitter in March 2019 that a new spin-off called The VeggieTales Show would air during the autumn of the same year.

There was also an untitled “VeggieTales” film with a date for its launch; that is not; known.

The Benefits Of Watching Christian TV Shows

Different people have their own perspectives on watching movies; some go to just to pass the time; or to entertain themselves or to relax; some consider

it a great method to spend time with friends and family while some are more interested in the topic. Here are some significant advantages of Christian movies.

Moral education is Best

The majority of people; while becoming increasingly modern with every day; do not have the basic morality ; and are increasingly shrewd. Morals and ethics aid people in determining the difference between good and bad.

They also reveal your strengths; and can help you build solid relationships with other people; whether in your personal or professional. Religious films have a variety of moral and academic guidelines that you must know about.

You can recharge your batteries

Every person has problems and challenges throughout their daily lives which they cannot ignore. The most common issue that affects people from all ages.

getting rid of stress is as simple as scheduling your weekend schedule with a few enjoyable Christian shows with your friends.

Christian films will not just alleviate your stress; but prepare you for your job by forcing you to face all your issues face-to-face.

Do Increase Awareness

Christian TV shows are great sources of knowledge; especially in the case of the issues of society. There are many aspects of the world of which you must be aware of and films can assist you to achieve this.

Also; it’s a great opportunity for anyone to indulge in a bit of excitement and mystery.


We may not realize it but whether we realize it or not it is true that the television and movies that we consume influence our thoughts; lives and decisions; as such as Christians should be discerning concerning the shows and movies we watch.

Christian television shows will have an the difference on our lives because they replace the slick television; shows that we’re accustom to by inspire; and motivational shows.

In the present; we can take advantage of these shows as an opportunity to connect with our loved ones; enjoy an evening without worry and increase our understanding of what Jesus is. 

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Watch the Christian Television Shows and Recharge Your Batteries

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