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The invention of Technology in the Current era

The invention of Technology in the Current era

The advancements of the times with the increasing needs for the ease of humankind led to the innovation and invention of technology. In the first place, what are technology applications based on the knowledge of science and nature combined to make human life worth it? The invention of useful tools systematic techniques of solving problems as well ways of applying scientific knowledge. Practically all are contributions towards modernization of machinery and technological rise.

Technology is contributing very much to the success of humankind. The wheel and hammer were some of the first objects of technology according to their times. Now as time passed by each era had its own technology and had increments by the running time as we have found many civilizations of old times by this date. So the Indus civilization near the river Indus had technologies according to their own times.

Generally, it is considered that there are six main genres of invention of technology:

  • Construction.
  • Transportation.
  • Energy\power.
  • Communication.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Bio-related.


As construction is one of the most important necessities of humans and the need of every time as in the basic life cycle food, clothing and shelter are the most important needs of human life so .shelter is based on the construction was started from the start of the world but the way of construction 5000 years back was way different than how it is done now so the technological success in the sector of construction is appreciable.

Now the construction is very different many buildings like Burj al khalifa have become possible due to the change in the way of construction and are mainly possible due to the increasing use of technology e.g cranes, trucks, loaders and many different types of technology that has caused this way of construction possible.


Transportation is a very regular and important need for the world .transportation was done in every era firstly on the horses, bulls, donkeys and other animals like that but in the late 19th century the invention of the first motor car was a great step towards the modernization in the transportation by Carl Benz which then helped the new generation to keep on modifying it and making it far more feasible and reliable. now we see everything done by motors and machinery in the field of transportation.


Energy is used basically everywhere to do any kind of work and to this date, we have converted and are converting everything to electrical energy. Hence, we also need to make a lot of electrical energy. electrical energy is however only a subject of energy because there are many types of energy. The advancement in this field has also caused modernization in warfare the invention of guided and destructive missiles and bombs especially the invention of guns and atomic and hydrogen bombs is also one of the hard realities of the modernization or technological advancements of power and energy.


Discussing technological advancements we cannot forget talking about the field of communication causing the world to take more interest in technology .communication as we have already talked about is a rising need and is nowadays very much advanced in form of online connectivity we can see each other on mobile phone on video calls. communication is very important to have knowledge about everything happening in this modern world of the technological era.


in these times of industrialization and inventions, we are bound to talk about manufacturing. artificial intelligence has given a rise to robotics and related fields which has become a great help to the manufacturing of everything especially in the small-scale production of toys, part manufacturing, artifacts, and other small and domestic operational industries. in these ways, AI has helped manufacturing at every level easy and resource able.


By the end of the 20th century. We have been frequently listening to the term of bio-war which means that war is not based on direct attacks on a nation or country. But rather spreading a disease engineered by humans themselves to destroy a country or opponent economically and physically. This is just a part of bioengineered technology. Therefore, we also observe the change in the agricultural field at a huge scale in the production rate. The change in seeds, cross production(hybridization) of different types of vegetables and plants creating different types of vegetables and plants.

Pros and Cons related invention of Technology:

Everything has its pros and cons. Technology affects society very deeply. It changes the way of thinking of a whole society and opens new portals of creativity. In the words of Carl Mitcham, it is:  “human making or using of material artifacts in all forms and aspects”.


  • Enables effective sharing of data.
  • Highlights society’s biggest challenges.
  • Helps institutions to be more efficient and productive.
  • Makes life easy.
  • Reliable, long lasting, benifical for health etc.


  • Crime and terrorism.
  • Complexity.
  • Privacy concerns.
  • Social disconnect.
  • Work overload.
  • Job insecurity.
The invention of Technology in the Current era

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