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Summarize how the components of health are related to wellness

Summarize how the components of health are related to wellness

Everyone is worried and has the same question in mind that summarize how the components of health are related to wellness? Health is not just specified to your physique but it also counts on your weight and the daily routine workouts you perform at home premises or gym area. I write a lot about this topic because it’s my craze to know that how people make themselves healthy during such a tough routine of office timing and what they eat and all other stuff. I talked a lot with different people of multiple cultures and their way of living by making their lives healthy. So many ideas are already shared with people during my discussions with them and also their feedback from them that I will share with you guys today and other factors that increase the anxiety about health among them.

To make yourself healthy, there are various ways for that but the most common 6 components of health that should be considered for healthy life will be discussed late here and you must know about them in any situation for avoiding negative aspects of health. World Health Organization (WHO) approved these factors related to health concern issues which is the responsibility of WHO. The committee is developed under the supervision of the world’s top professional doctors in 1948.


The social dimension of wellness:

The social dimension of wellness varies and relay on the thoughts of the concerned person means his thinking is approaching positive or not or he/she is under financial issues etc. and wellness can’t be judged through the appearance of the person. When we talk about the word ‘wellness’ that’ doesn’t mean that he/she is fingering to the physical heath only but you should be also considered your mind to be relaxed too from every aspect and worries of life so to avoid this some factors are there those who give the proper meaning of wellness in a detailed version.

Wellness word shows the meaning and description of its own that how’s the other person body type is either slim or fitness body in both manners physically and mentally and for the maintenance of the body regarding the social dimension of wellness starts from the gym and running and on the other hand traveling and entertainment are the best solutions for mental wellness that can’t be ignored in any way. Our body is continuously in motion even in an hour, minute, and moment passing every one after one that’s why we need food after a time interval to maintain our energy level.

Which of the following is not a component of health?

One of the most common components about which most of us says that if we question others that which of the following is not a component of health? is bone density included in physical fitness and wellness in our view but the professional highly qualified doctors and the WHO have been proved that bone density has no connection with the health by doing various physical experiments and during their research, few some others factors were also come out besides bone density those which are the most important on which our health and wellness depends. Too much eating is also not a component of health obviously.


What are the 6 components of health?

The main 6 components of health are given below on behalf of my search but they are still not the whole picture regarding this topic.

1.    Physical Health:

The most important physical aspect and a component of health are Physical Health. It comes in any shape like running, walking, dancing or playing, etc. If you are fit then you will be physically ok also from both physically and mentally which obviously boosts and increase the time duration of your life.

2.    Emotional Health:

Emotions are also an important part of the health components. But no one looks too deep into the emotion’s health. Because an emotional person knows the truth and reality of the world. The people living around him/her but also carry the daily life burdens and other stuff and you must be free of mental disorders.

3.    Spiritual Health:

Spiritual Health is also necessary for accordance with your inner peace that how satisfied and relaxes is your spirit and internally how strong you are in making hard decisions for others and also for yourself.

4.    Intellectual Health:

Most people hardly heard the word intellectual health or wellness and they do not know the meaning of this health component but if u ask then I must say that it relates to the brain and its working performance. Functions like learning, judgment, and adopting .you can easily enhance your intellectual health by playing a card game, watching TV, solving different puzzles, or by doing daily social interactions around your surroundings.

5.    Environmental Health:

This environmental health is continuously affecting your health and wellness. Because if your culture and surroundings are active and hardworking environments then you also go straight to that healthy living path and utilizes the opportunity in leading healthier lifestyles.

6.    Social Health:

Most of us underestimate the power of social wellness and its interlink with the communications with others in society that Summarize how the components of health are related to wellness. Where you are living right now and your relationship with them. Going to a party or attending any marriage with your friend is just not fun. But also lies in your social circle health and wellness.


Importance of regular health examinations:

Health is the most important in this world and there is no substitute for it. People run after money. People are suffering from deception nowadays, they think that if they have money then they will buy everything. But it is not like that. Money cannot buy everything. The time that passes never comes back. Health is as important as money. If you have good health then you can earn good money.

Therefore, it is very important to think about your own health first of all and Summarize how the components of health are related to wellness. No matter how much the world has developed, you can never bring back your past and your health. People should focus on the importance of regular health examinations. A regular health examination tells you about your health condition. It is better to fix the problem on time. Therefore, a person should get regular health check-ups on time. A person should follow the proper diet if the doctor recommends after a health examination.

Importance of science and technology in health:

Technology is advancing and at the same time, it is accelerating in the world. People are running after money thinking that money is everything. It is true that science and technology have made great strides in health. The importance of science and technology in health cannot be forgotten in this age. But technology has not made much progress. technology has not progressed enough to solve every problem. The negative effects of technology are mostly on the health of children. Because nowadays children play games on mobiles more than they play on the field. This has a profound effect on their minds at an early age and they often lose their eyesight. It is true that today’s operations are easier than ever before. But they are also successful as long as time is at hand. No technology can do anything after the passage of time.


Significance of health trends issues and concerns:

We live in a world where something new is being discovered every day. People are becoming more and more addicted to it. Losing their health because where they used to be eager to play on the ground today but mobile limited them. They have stopped exercising. Most peoples need to be aware of the significance of health trends issues and concerns. Those people who are interested or already doing exercising should guide and tell people about the significance of health, trends issues, and concerns.

Enthusiasm should be created in people so that they know how important health is. Another reason we often discuss the distortion of health is that many of us don’t know how to introduce yourself to a half sibling. People’s health is deteriorating from an early age. Excessive use of mobile phones has made young people lazy. Many lives have been lost due to such spirits. Responsible people in society should pay attention to the fact that the youth is going astray and take steps to prevent them from going astray.


Final words:

Hopefully, you get the idea that summarize how the components of health are related to wellness that’s why do people lose their health? Because sometimes they run towards technology, sometimes they run towards money. And such people waste their health and life. Sometimes they run after the latest government jobs and sometimes in search of the luxurious latest job. People should do the job that will bring them peace in their life. There are some platforms that provide better ways to help in finding a good job. People should need to do meditation on regular basis and need to follow a proper diet plan. Health is very important if there is health then money can be earned.

Summarize how the components of health are related to wellness

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