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The Fundamental Steps In The Nursing Process You Should Know

Steps In The Nursing Process

The primary duty of the nurse is to ensure patients receive safe treatment as per the prescription. A nurse will constantly collect and analyse patient information in shifts and then decide what to do with this information. Nurses will systematically approach patients’ needs by following the nursing process. In this blog, we will discuss five significant steps in the nursing process. The nursing process gives a framework of practice for the nurses to meet patients’ needs.

Overview Of Nursing

Nowadays, the nursing study has become one of the demanding professions in our world. And the nursing sector mainly focuses on caring for families, communities and individuals to gain or maintain good health and a better lifestyle. It is considered that the nursing process is a bond that holds the patient’s health journey together.

What is the nursing process?

A nursing process is a set of guidelines for nurses to consider the patient’s overall picture and the plan for their care. Students learn the nursing process during nursing school. And use this process when they take care of patients in hospitals and clinics. 

The nursing process allows the nurses to gather information, look over their problems, and set goals for every patient. The nursing process comes in handy when making decisions for patient care.

Why understand the nursing process?

  • The nursing process increases thinking-level, creativity, decision-making, and problem-solving skills in clinical practice.
  • Providing care by using the nursing process increases quality care and in favour increases the level of satisfaction among patients who receive care.
  • The nursing process helps nurses handle a situation, change plans. That helps in deciding what is happening, and strategies.
  • A patient’s condition can change at any time, so nurses in this situation use the nursing process to make fast decisions and provide the best possible result.

What are the top 5 steps in the nursing process?

Assessment Phase

In nursing, the first step is to assess the patient. The nurse collects information about the patient’s psychological, social, and spiritual well-being. And, nurses can collect this type of data in different ways. Usually, nurses conduct data from interviews with the patient. 

Physical test, knowing a patient’s health history, obtaining a patient’s family history, and making some general observation to gather assessment data. 

Diagnosing phase

In the diagnosing phase, nurses make an informed judgement about a potential or actual health problem within a patient. Different diagnoses are made for a single patient. 

In diagnosis, assessments contain a detail description of the problem. It also includes whether the patient is at risk or not for developing further problems. Moreover, these diagnoses are use to determine a patient’s health improvement. It determines the course of treatment, so it is the most critical step.

Planning phase

A plan of action can be built when a patient and nurse agree on diagnoses. The head nurse will read each assessment and look for symptoms and high-risk factors whenever there are multiple diagnoses. 

In addition, every problem is assign a goal for a beneficial outcome. Moreover, for this phase, nurses refer to evidence outcome classification, a set of terms and measurements for patient wellness.

Implementing phase

Implementing phase is where nurses act according to the command of deciding action plans. This plan is particular to every patient and focuses on attainable outcomes. And actions include in a nursing plan include:

  • Monitor the patients for signs of improvement.
  • Instantly caring for the patient or conducting necessary medical tasks.
  • Instruct and educate the patient about health management
  • Implementation can take over hours, weeks, days, or months.


Nursing interventions are evaluated once all nursing interventions have taken place to determine if patient wellness objectives have been wellness have been achieved. The patient is outcomes are described under three terms:

  • Patient condition improvement
  • Patient condition stabilised
  • The patient’s condition deteriorated, died or was discharge.

If the patient’s state shows no progress or wellness goals are not met, the nursing step starts from the beginning. 

Note: All nurses must be aware of the steps in the nursing process. But if you are willing to do nursing or are already in this field, be prepared to use these lines every day in your career.

Clinical Importance 

Our ability to use the nursing process to guide care becomes increasingly important as we advance in the complex field of patient care. And populations ageing commonly face multiple health problems and the risk of missing early warning signs of life-altering diseases. 

Nowadays, health care is changing, and traditional roles of nurses are changing to meet up the demand of new health care surroundings. In short, nurses can promote changes and impact patient care models in the future.


In conclusion, I hope you would like our blog, in this we described the nursing process and steps in the nursing process. When the nursing process is use effectively, it facilitates many advantages for the nurses and patients. 

The nursing process enables the nurses to determine if their care helps the patient. Also, the nursing process allows nurses to avoid mistakes and deficiencies in care plans. Thus, by using the nursing process, nurses can improve communication with other health care experts and with patients.

The Fundamental Steps In The Nursing Process You Should Know

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