Life You Can Enjoy When You Live By the Beach

Life You Can Enjoy When You Live By the Beach

For the majority of us, we only go to the beach occasionally. We either plan a whole trip just to play in the ocean or travel thousands of miles during our summer vacation. Others are just blessed more than us they Live By the Beach.

Oceans and beaches have always awed me. I feel so alive whenever I used to go on beach trips. The heavy waves and continuous crashing sounds of the water give it a spark of liveliness. As if it was something alive and talking to me.

I always thought to myself, how wonderful would it be to live near a beach? And recently, I was able to make it come through. Now that I live in a cozy apartment with a view of the waves crashing 24/7, I have fulfilled my dream.

I have befriended some neighbors I meet every day on the beach. And these are a few things that only people living at the beach can understand and agree upon!


Things that Make You Relax When You Live By the Sea


Beach changes with the season 

Whenever we think about the beach, the first image comes of a sunny day and sunbathing on your beach towel. But that’s not what comes to our mind every time.

My beach is super crowded during the summers, and we have a lot of tourists here. It’s pretty cool. But, when the winter hits and the beach is quiet and peaceful, that’s when I like it the best.

All bundled up in my Beachly Winter 2022 gear, I like to go for early morning runs by the beach. The cold winds hug my body every time, and I feel so awake and energized. It seems like mother nature is giving me the extra dose of love I need, especially since I live alone.


Beaches can calm you down

Back in my old house, I used to get these panic and anxiety attacks when things weren’t going my way. Now, as adulthood is hitting right in every single day, all I do is go and sit at the beach.

Staring at the waves and birds flying in the vast open sky, I feel tiny yet powerful. I have the power to think, understand, and be grateful. And unknowingly, all the wild thoughts escape my mind and soul, and I feel fresh once again!


You feel connected

One thing that immensely bothers me is when tourists leave trash at the beach. We have trash bins at every other corner at the beach, and it makes me furious when these tourists pollute the beach. It feels like someone entered my home and littered everywhere.


Food tastes different at the beach

Eating your food in the living room watching TV, or eating your food on the beach, watching the waves dance? The latter one!

I often pack my lunch or dinner and grab my beach bag just to go out and sit on the sand. It feels so relaxing and calm after a tough workday.


Somehow, you never get bored


Even if you are alone or with a group of friends, you never really get bored of the view. I love the time I spend with my friends, but I also enjoy going to the beach all by myself.

The pretty skies and the water, the calming breeze, and a cup of tea excite me. I love when it’s tourist season. I randomly go and talk to new people, learning about them. They also enjoy learning a thing or two about the beach and famous shacks around the place.


Beach is Full of Life

The pretty colors of seashells have always amazed me. I collected rare seashells and made home décor or jewelry pieces out of those. It was always so much fun!


Sometimes, my friends and I come across something very odd-looking beached to the shore. The ocean is filled with a lot of mysteries and secrets. We take pictures of these weirdly shaped things and then study about them over the internet. I can write an entire book of oddly mesmerizing things I have found on the beach.


You know the best spots

Now, this one’s pretty obvious. For someone living in the same neighborhood, you tend to know every best spot and the worst spot. Whether it’s a quiet place at the beach where the honking cars or the screaming kids don’t bother you or your favorite fish and chips stall, you know it all!


You just can’t think of living somewhere else

Once you get used to the calm aura of the beach, you can’t imagine living somewhere else. You might go on vacations and trips in the mountains or countryside, but you’ll yearn to come back. And that’s the power of the ocean. It draws you towards it. It calls you back!


On the last note

You might love living on a farm, or in the mountains. You might love living in the busy bustling city. Every place has its own attractiveness and glamour. If you are happy where you live, you are doing good!

Life You Can Enjoy When You Live By the Beach

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