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I Ruined My Relationship With the Love of My Life

I Ruined My Relationship With the Love of My Life

I ruined my relationship with the love of my life, and it is one of the big mistakes of my life. I lost the love of my life cause I started every fight on every little thing and then I ruined my relationship with the love of my life and feel so alone now.  

Losing the love of your life causes you to notice that love will very be an ambiguous weapon system. It can make us feel uniquely connected to the world and fill our hearts so that they flow. It can tear our hearts apart, and leave painful feelings for a long time to come.

Losing love is one of the foremost painful points is wherever you are feeling sorry, guilt, and pain at losing somebody you see as an excellent loss. He was there for you liked you and spoke “thick and thin” as a result of his belief in you. however, currently, they’re gone.

It can take a while to lose the love of your life and realize it. When there is a breakup, there is pain on both sides. Healing time. A time when things start to go awry and life gradually becomes happier. The pain subsides, and you reflect on the lessons you have learned and find new love.

There are times when this does not happen. Where you find yourself thinking about, I lost the person I loved the most every day. Losing the love of your life is full of pain and hurt. It often happens that you question yourself, and think that this person has lost you, he has left a hole in your life that can never be filled.

As you begin to act emotionally in your breakup, you gradually come to the painful realization that you have sabotaged yourself and that relationship.

After losing the love of your life, you conclude that the matter was entirely yours. your love one leaves you, who is a partner of you every sadness and happiness. 

It’s okay to be heartbroken. It’s okay to feel unwanted. What you are feeling is right and natural. You can’t worry about losing the love of your life, but it’s okay to be disappointed that they didn’t turn out to be your life.

Sometimes we subconsciously cut ourselves off from something good, so that we can avoid dealing with painful problems inside. So, this is a deliberate choice, but without you first, there is reason to understand consciously.

If you were with a high-value person, who had strong boundaries and was emotionally available. She will leave you when you can cheat her or you can take the relationship not serious. 

They will reduce their losses of love, emotion, and time by leaving you and you are asking yourself the love of my life left me. I just lost the love of my life Because I am not giving love. I am giving a version of affection crammed with mixed messages. And it’s become clear that I just cannot love myself, leave them alone. they are doing not take into account themselves merit the contradictory messages or the drama and confusion that has been created. But I realized I loved him after I lost him and I ruined my relationship with the love of my life.

Why has it taken me this long to find the love of my life?

I take a lot of time to find the love of my life because I am a little bit shy. I don’t attract to so many girls in my life. Spent so much time to find the love of my life but I lost the love of my life cause I started every fight. Due to a different mistake of mine, I ruined my relationship with the love of my life and I feel so alone without him and I realized I loved him after I lost him.


Some people ask how can I get over losing the love of my life. Here we can discuss how to deal with losing the love of your life to overcome the emotion and feeling of herself.

Move on!

Many people say losing the love of your life is not easy but you will move on. Yes, they all are right and when you lose your lover you want to move on to heal your soul but how to move on from the love of your life. It is not easy to immediately move on, it takes some time, Because, you spent much time with her and it is not easy to forget her feeling soon, it takes time when you lose your lover. 

For many of us, there is real love in our lives, even though we don’t necessarily end up with them. To our detriment, however, we continue to photograph a life full of love with the person who eventually married someone else. People who can recognize this scenario, know how big a loss it is.

Live Happily ever After

Movies are notorious for accomplishments as couples travel together for the next fifty years to share marital happiness. In real life, peoples are depressed and saying to everyone I lost the love of my life. In this time of losing the love of your life, we need our friends and family to be our help and encouragement. It does not help us to overcome our so-called shortcomings. Here we talked about how to get over a lost love of your life.

Our relationships got to amendment as we tend to become old. If we’ve fallen smitten with our ‘first true love and lost it, we’d like time to heal. once we meet some other person, please offer them and yourself time. you will not feel such an enormous rush of affection or lust, however, over time you can notice that you simply will feel completely different – not worse, simply completely different, perhaps even higher.

Love Your Life

When you say that I ruined my relationship with the love of my life, it means there is some misunderstanding or issue within your relationship. But you don’t blame yourself for losing the love of your life. you need time to remove her feeling from your life but one thing that you must know, not everyone is long-lasting in your life. So, love yourself to overcome this problem of feel special for that person, who leaves you. And you will know the answer to how to get over the love of your life to normalize your life.


Failure Gifts

It is a terrible habit to look at our failures negatively, but no, failure teaches us new ways of looking at things and paves the way for progress and success. Without having a failure in our life, we do not learn the best way. And what has gone far highlights where you need to stand in the future, not fall. Sometimes you are losing the love of your life to someone else, who loves you more than the love of your life, and this is a blessing for your life.

Losing the love of your life is extremely lonely, however, this special person has ne’er left you. albeit they do not return, they need to modify you for all times. they need to wake up your soul. They love you such a lot that you simply walk off and tell them, that love is what you merit. it’s imprinted on you. a true lesson regarding love. Sometimes you have to lose someone to realize that your life has many other things except relationship and have many other relations who demands something from you but, you don’t fulfill their demands.

Losing the Love of Your Life Quotes

There are many famous quotes on losing the love of your life quotes, we have added some famous quotes below!

“You can love someone so much…But you can never love people as much as you can miss them.”

 ― John Green

“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”

 ― Kahlil Gibran

“I know that’s what people say– you’ll get over it. I’d say it, too. But I know it’s not true. Oh, you’ll be happy again, never fear. But you won’t forget. Every time you fall in love it will be because something in the man reminds you of him.”

 ― Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn


Harsh Reality of Life

If you are losing the love of your life and ask many peoples, I left the love of my life and regret it. They all answer you, if they were “the love of your life” they wouldn’t leave. You have not lost the “love of your life”, you have lost someone who prepared you for the “love of your life.”

Since I lost the person, I thought was mine, you are falling in love after losing the love of your life now in a healthy love relationship that has benefited from your past failed relationships.

Overall, people come into our lives at different times for different reasons. Sometimes they are coming temporarily and sometimes they are permanent. 

One of the harsh reality of life is most people feel shy and don’t know how to introduce yourself to a half sibling at front of your love of life.

Love yourself and be happy!

I Ruined My Relationship With the Love of My Life

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