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how to cover your face with a scarf step by step

how to cover your face with a scarf step by step

In cold weather, a winter cover-up scarf can only warm your neck and you should know how to wrap a scarf over the nose & mouth. Wrapped around the nose and mouth, a scarf provides cover to prevent chapped lips, runny nose, and numb cheeks. Wrapping a scarf around your nose and mouth when you are in the snow helps to ward off the cold and the sun. If you have asthma, extra protection from the scarf is a great way to prevent a cold air attack. In warmer months, a light scarf covering the mouth and nose also helps prevent the spread of germs from the airborne virus. Before going to the side of the scarf, firstly you should know the top facts of an electric pressing comb because due to which your hairstyle will be settled under your scarf and covers it.

Pull the scarf horizontally, and hold one end of the scarf in each hand. Place the center of the cycling face scarf on your nose and mouth. Pull both ends of the scarf behind your neck and cross the ends. Bring both ends of the scarf back to the front of your neck and then cross or tie in a loose knot.


Can I wear a scarf on my nose and mouth or how to cover my face with a scarf step by step?

It is entirely up to you, although it is important that you wrap your handkerchief so that it covers your nose and mouth as it helps to warm the air before you breathe. Wearing a loose-fitting scarf around the nose and mouth can help prevent this and from the thought of that how to wrap a scarf over the nose & mouth.

How to style your scarf as a face mask.

As a result of the epidemic, protecting your face has become a top priority. This is because the virus can reach your body through your mouth and nose. That is why face masks have become so important.

As shocking as it may seem, scarves can be styled as masks to cover your face. But for complete protection from the virus, you have to wear 3 ply masks underneath. And then you go.

Below is a detailed description of three stylish ways you can use your scarf as a mask to protect you from any minor contact with the virus and nose cover for winter. All you need is a scarf and some elastic hair.

Let’s begin!

Style # 1: Jungle Mask


Take 1/3 of the width of the scarf and fold it into 1 long scarf covering mouth. Then, place it around your face, and identify the area that stops around your ear. This is to help you determine where the hair bands will be.

Put two hair bands on your map then make sure the bands can easily reach your ears without any discomfort. If you have any experience, try adjusting the hair band in winter scarf head wrap.

Once this is achieved, place the scarf over your face to cover your nose and scarf over mouth and then put a band around your ears to hold the scarf firmly to your face.

Take both ends around your head, cross them, and tie with the winter neck wraps. Make sure you don’t tie it too tight to avoid discomfort. That’s about it. Now question is “how to cover face with scarf?”


Style # 2: Head scarf mask

Attach a square cold scarf to the triangle. Then, place the scarf over your head and make sure both ends fall on your left and right shoulders.

Move the left end of the scarf to the right, then move it backwards.

Once this is achieved, move the correct point of the scarf backwards as well.

Tie both points to the back of your head and make sure it doesn’t loosen when you’re in motion.

Style # 3: Hair Mask or scarf masked women

First, tie the scarf in a thin strip and tie a knot in the middle of your scarf.

Then place the scarf on your head then tie both ends behind your head. When you do this, make sure it’s enough to get on your face with lip scarf.

Second, keep the rest of the scarf on your face with lips scarf while making sure your mouth and nose area are not exposed.

Pass the rest of the scarf over the area on your face. If your winter scarf head wrap is not long enough, you can make sure it stays strong there. If it’s the other way around, take it around your head and leave it on your shoulder. That should make it strong enough.

You can choose any of these styles and try them out. Who says you have to stick to a style? You can get a grip on all three techniques and alternate between them.

You need to make sure you do everything you can to protect yourself from the virus. Please wear a down mask before styling your scarf into a face mask. Once you use the scarf around mouth as your mask, sterilize it and clean it thoroughly. This is to make sure that you are not exposing yourself to the virus in any way. Stay at home, we will deal with this epidemic together.

Be safe!


I hope the mystery of “how to wrap a scarf over the nose & mouth” is solved now after the detailed discussion and the steps. in our previous discussion and you can now easily implement that practically by applying the following methods and suggestions from people all over the world. It’s a very tough time these days due to pandemic issues and the fast way of disease spreading through lungs and mouth bandana. In condition buyinhthis critical situation, you got the best way for saving yourself from this disease or disease.

how to cover your face with a scarf step by step

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