This is a very tough question how many push ups should I be able to do and frankly saying no one is capable at their first attempt to do it more than their strength. Here your diet and regular exercises includes and both matters a lot. Then comes the strength of your arms because they are the main source and they have to pull the whole body towards the upper position during pushups.

If we discuss this question with athletes regarding how many push ups should I be able to do then they are beyond our imagination due to their dieting tricks and flexible body made by the exercises that helps them to move it in every direction up down and left right.

If you apply in the naval or some other tasks forces then the first test that will be carried out from their side is push ups because push ups will tell the total strength of your body without any other extra effort. So if you want to measure your health then start practicing the push ups on daily basis along with the other physical exercises as well and cycling is one of them.

Our body makes a lot of fats if we do nothing and laid on the couch like a lazy person then you will become unhealthy that’s why doctors recommend physical exercises like yoga, cricket, football and swimming etc. Your hand grips, arms and shoulders should be strong for push ups. How many pushups in a minute? You must do 10 push ups every day if you practice it regularly.

I got start practicing form very less age so that’s why I got the answer for How many pushups should I be able to do at 18? How many push-ups should a 16 year old do and for that not more than 10 at least. Besides that, try to eat healthy food and keep yourself away from the junk food specially. I recommend before going to push ups lose your weight first because then you can lift your weight easily during exercise. Keep your mind straight and always think positive and be determined beacasue you have to do a lot of things for achieving your targets and goals.

Push ups is included in the pre workouts and now the question is are Pre Workouts Bad For Your Heart?Pre workouts are dangerous if you have a heart issue. First take a good diet and take a start from a slow and light weight exercise and make that continue to heavy weight after every day by day.

How many pushups can the average woman do? Women are case sensitive and have got more flexible body than a normal man and during women push ups, they can stretch their body from every move and adjust anywhere even in a small cabin. They can do more than 20 pushups in a minute.

Correct way to do push ups:

Make yourself ready for the exercise from every perspective that you are ready for this and will do your best in limited time as much as you can. Make your body warm for the exercise. Then stand straight below the hanging rod where you lift yourself. Put something or some lubricant for hand grips incase of avoiding slippery. Now jump and hang yourself with the rod. Try to pause your breathing during push ups because this will help you a lot for hanging further. Grab the rod from the inside because that’s the professional way and now slowly slowly push your body towards the upper side with the help of the strength of your arms and push yourself upwards until your chest touches the rod and vice versa.

Don’t drink water after the exercise. Give some time to yourself because after exercise your body will be warm and need some time to come to the normal temperature. Half glass of water is enough to make you happy.


Always squeeze your stomach and hold the breadth as long as you can and push your body through the arms and shoulders with the slightly help of other body parts as well then come back to the starting position and do that again and again because continuous practice brings perfection on your tasks and life. Same goes for women push ups and maximum 60 pushups.

You can easily do ten push ups per day if you are doing it in regular basis. They will make you fit and smart. Also burns the extra fats and calories in your body and your stomach digestion system which I personally feels for myself specially.



I hope now you will understand and believe that how many push ups should I be able to doand how many pushups should you do a dayafter a detailed reading of this article from start to scratch.Also discuss with your family doctors and they will also say the same thing which I am telling you now.

One minute push up test is necessary to check your body ability. Pre workouts are very important in our lives which makes you healthy, fit and smart. As we discussed earlier water is also essential for the good health and heart issues along with the physical exercises like push ups, climbing, sit ups and many other exercises which healthy people performs every day. You should adopt this good habit of their lives. If you are healthy by mind as well as from heart then you will make good decisions and live a happy life with your family and friends also guide them how to spend a healthy life through outdoor exercises and diets.


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