The question of how long does creatine stay in your system is frequently asked from the people today due to lack of knowledge. Mostly the creatine stays in our body system for about one or half an hour depends upon the quantity you have taken before your pre workouts exercises.

In the world of sports, creatine is considered a very powerful and hard to handle supplement which enhances the power of the athletes beyond their imagination for performing high in sports or in extra-curricular activities. If you have taken the creatinesupplement, then there’s no need for pre workouts for your body because the creatine also fulfill the needs of all the booster supplements but many less person’s thoughts about that.

This substance goes directly in to the person’s liver when you take it from the mouth. You will take a high dose for gaining the results of the required task or targets until it remains and performs its functions and then you will get better knows that how long does creatine last in the body.

Creatine Dosage:

Most of the people takes one or two table tea spoons of the creatine dosage on daily basis before the exercises which serves as a powerful supplement in achieving your set goals within short time and less effort. How long does creatine last in your system? The athletics takes their supplement dosages in two stages, one before the workout and the other one after that with a difference of one hour.

Some takes a very high dosages for boosting their performance for a long time because this supplements runs in your bloodstream for about one and a half hour and you will perform beyond your strength level until it finishes itself from your body. As American College of Sports Medicine declared that the supplements we take before exercises does not effect on our overall performance level. They are just in your mind that carries you anywhere. Person will be only active for more than 5 minutes after an hour but not much longer after that and feels tired after that exercise.

Level of Activity:

If you are performing in a championship and you want to win that and ranks at the top then this supplement is best for your body and continuously works during the performance time duration for one hour at least. How long for creatine to leave system? If you take one table spoon, and engaged in a football game for a long time then it’s good for remaining in the football ground field but if you are going for a less cycling, golf or swimming then this supplement will work for you a half an hour extra. It’s clear from now that the dosage depends on the activity you will going to perform and vice versa.

Creatine why?

After taking this supplement, creatine comes naturally in the blood of the human beings and will be increased by calling it through this dangerous supplement which increases the muscular tissues of the skeleton of the body without damaging them and improves the oxygen level in the body of a person. How long does creatine last? On calling it, body is ready to perform for the assigned activity. If you take the Creatine supplement for a hard work and do nothing and lie on a couch like a lazy person then it will automatically leave your body via urine and you will feel normal onwards within an hour or less.

Side effects of the Creatine:

Creatinehalf life, the two main side effects of the creatine that most of the people faces are bloating and cramping. According to some famous doctors saying that some people thinks that if they take creatine with grapes, apple juices or some other fruits then it will decrease the side effects of the creatine in the bloodstream and this is still in their mind that sugar will absorb all the creatine from their bodies without any harm. But the reality is that and the studies also concluded that creatine remains in your body for the same amount of time, either the person takes the powder with the water or with fruit juices.

How Many Bottles of Water Should I Drink A Dayto remove creatine fast from the body? That’s another misunderstanding among us that water will help but in real it doesn’t.

Steps to take Creatine without in excessive amounts:

Mostly this supplement is used by the body builders, athletes to increase their muscles mass and the strength and you can easily found in skeleton muscles of our body naturally for short and high performance activities. Performance will be improved only by the excessive amount of the creatine in the person’s body. Mostly body builderstakeshigh dosages within a week which is the loading phase to increase the excessive amount of Creatinebut they didn’t know this that the same goals will also be achieved with a less amount of creatine in their bodies without too much Loading which is half life of creatine.


Read the precautions and the requirements first written on the product that you are buying.


Try to take the supplement 2 to 3 times during workout days and only once in the rest of the week.


10 grams of creatine is enough for achieving the performance level and can be boosted onwards too if needed otherwise creatine breaks and you will face extraordinary disadvantages of the product you were using.

Step 4:

Creatine should be taken one hour before the start of your workouts.

Step 5:

Always take the Creatine with the fruit juices and any other high carbohydrate source for the improvement of digestion.

Step 6:

Take the Creatine supplement regularly for 8 week cycle but after that off for 4 weeks before starting another 8 week cycle again is the ideal and professional way.


I hope now you know how long does creatine stays in your system after reading this detailed article and I am glad. That you will get a lot of benefits from it in your coming happy and healthy life. In one way or another then certain exit the body. The main result that doctors concluded is that real physical activities are more powerful than taking supplements. Like these and they have a lot of side effects in real life and also the creatine excessive amount is a terrible way for treating our body. Just to make yourself powerful and strong in front of others. Instead of real physical activities and rich or healthy diets.


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