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DIY Electrical Works at Home That You Are Allowed to Do

DIY Electrical Works at Home That You Are Allowed to Do

DIY Electrical Works at Home. Electricity is potentially dangerous. It has to be handled with care and caution at all times. But most of us forget this simple truth most of the time. While charging our smartphones or flicking on a light we are so used to safe electricity in our daily life that we feel confident we can tackle an electrical fix DIY without hiring a pro.

But this confidence can lead us to a severe disaster. The very idea is nothing but a big mistake. It is always safer, better and advisable to call in professional intervention while getting anything installed or repaired related to electrics.

It is important to note that as per the latest legislature, electrical works at your home must comply with Part P of the Building Regulations. In other words, this sum up to, many electrical works that you may wish to try out DIY actually need to be performed by a registered electrician.

So, is there no electrical work at home that you can do yourself?

Yes, there are. To know more about what those works are just keep reading.

As per the latest regulation, the list of DIY electrical work for you at home boils down to certain replacement, minor repairs and ‘Like for Like’ changes.

These are the major electrical jobs for you to do DIY. You can change or shift sockets, light switches and ceiling lights on your own. You can also replace any wire that looks old, worn out or damaged.

On the other hand, if a room lacks sufficient number of sockets, lights or switches you can install those on your own. This proves helpful because in most cases electrical sockets are placed in inconvenient spots that are difficult to access. Else there are just not enough plugs for an entire family to use comfortably.

No DIY electrical repair is allowed in bathrooms and the kitchen. The same stands for any outdoor electrical work in your property. You must hire a qualified and licensed electrician to work at these places. And this regulation is mostly because of the fact that these places come in contact to water, which makes any electrical work even riskier.

Is a non-qualified handyman allowed to complete any notifiable work related to electrics?

Notifiable electrical works are those that need to be inspected by a qualified individual to ensure safety. Examples for this category of works include installation of new circuits and replacing a fuse board. All notifiable electrical works need an application from the local Building Regulations department.

It is easy to get a qualified electrician to carry out such works. This type of works is not only potentially hazardous and complicated but it is also easy for an electrician to self-certify his own work.

If you want to take up a notifiable electrical work DIY you are allowed to do it. But there is a rider that you must obey. You have to go through the Building Regulations and have your work checked and certified by a qualified and licensed electrician once you are done. Until the professional is certifying your job officially it is not complete. This often proves to be lengthy and costly. It is usually difficult to get a professional electrician who will certify your DIY effort in the first place.

Careful and cautious are the buzzwords

Irrespective of whether you are doing a few minor changes or handling something larger that must meet regulated standards, it is crucial that you take your own time to execute the job and be as careful and safe as possible. Electricity is potentially dangerous and can claim lives and properties without any prior warning. Therefore, care and caution cannot be stressed enough.

Anything and everything that you do must be double checked (or triple checked precisely) to avoid all risks. You may also have some other DIY enthusiast in your team who will make sure that you are by no chance committing any silly mistake.

You must be patience with the work. It is very important that you allocate ample time for yourself to finish the work properly and perfectly. Do not attempt your DIY skills at night after being exhausted after a full day at work. Do not ever try to rush things either. Remember that nothing is time bound in your DIY electrical jobs, suggest a professional electrician in Camden.

And in case if you are not confident enough then just avoid all hassle s and hire a professional to get the job seamlessly done on time. This way both lives and the property will be safe and you will also have the peace of mind.


DIY Electrical Works at Home That You Are Allowed to Do

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