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Characteristics of Instagram marketing and technicalities

Characteristics of Instagram marketing and technicalities

Instagram marketing is the social media platform to share photos with your friends or your selected audiance and the rest of the world. The medium is still growing in the number of users: currently 1 in 4 Dutch uses Instagram actively. Mainly schoolchildren and students use the medium. A slightly larger proportion of users are women. It is striking that there is a important growth in use by the older age group. Generation X (aged 36-55) in particular has started to use the platform more.


But what opportunities does Instagram offer for businesses?

Especially for companies it is possible to create a company profile. You can read how to create this and what the benefits are in our plateform. Different instagram pages are doing there work and getting traffic on their accounts. Get Instagram Followers Malaysia is the best site for your instagram page and you can get the real traffic

Benefits of Instagram for Business:

  • Creating reach and awareness. By using hashtags you ensure that potential customers find you on Instagram.
  • Show the company culture. Image says so much more than just a piece of text.
  • Generating sales in a roundabout way. Instagram gives you the opportunity to visually show your products to your followers.
  • Increase the bondwith your customers through the high level of interaction.
  • Through Instagram Statisticsyou will find out which messages work and which do not.
  • Via Instagram you can reach your desired target groupwith advertisements.

Instagram advertising

Do you still find it difficult to reach the right target group? Then instagram marketing on social media like is the ideal way to tragetting your desire audiance. This way you can show photos, videos and carousel ads to people who don’t follow your company yet. Because Facebook owns Instagram, Instagram also owns the data from Facebook. This allows you to target very specifically on Instagram, for example: age, gender, geographical targeting and many interests. In addition, it is also potential to generate so-called custom audiences to create. For example, you can approach visitors to your website (remarketing) or people who have ever interacted with your Facebook page. Do you want to reach new visitors? Create a look-a-like campaign of, for example, your website visitors. This is a group of people similar to your current website visitors.

Instagram Stories

Recently it is also possible to advertise in Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories is basically the answer to Snapchat’s success and you can also says that insta stories is another way of instagram marketing. You can share your videos, photes and many other stuff related to entertainment of that day via a slideshow. It is possible to add your stuff like own texts, emotions, stickers, tags and drawings and many more. 24 hours after posting your story, it is gone again. When you advertise in Instagram Stories, your ads will be placed between the stories of friends and brands that your target group follows.

How does advertising on Instagram work?

Do you want to get advertising on instagram?  You can turn to Facebook to set up photo and video ads in the timeline and in Instagram Stories.Facebook is also the best plateform for your bussiness and you also get more likes using Buy Facebook Page Likes Malaysia.  You can start advertising on Instagram via the advertising account because alot of features are available in business account related to other. So you can Google it how to make instagram buiness account or you can take help from us.


Characteristics of Instagram marketing and technicalities

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