Can a Pathological Liar Love Someone

Can a Pathological Liar Love Someone

Why would someone lie about someone dying?

What you say if I ask that “can a pathological liar love someone”? You know I have read a lot of answers to this question and of course people are only able to answer what they know if they have passed. I think one would like to know that losing a loved one is a very sick way to get attention. When people are pathological liars or narcissists they usually go with each other, they will create these situations no matter how big they are, they know how to do it, they don’t see the results or what they are doing is wrong. Their minds are not so wired. I’m sure everyone has a conscience and at some point they know it’s wrong.

Tell me lies make it sound good

No one would say yes to these words which are “tell me lies make it sound good” because normal person may feel guilty after saying such these cheap words and only a psychopath or a pathological liar will encourage about them because there’s no shame or guilt left in their inner hearts.

My best friend is a pathological liar

It says nothing about you except that you are human. As your friend And that you are stuck in a quagmire of loyalty to an old friend, your kindness, sympathy, understanding of his life situation and the need to help him with the hope that one day he will do it Will leave .Clear little lies become big white lies and soon in front of ordinary friends, you find yourself complicit because of your silence and not challenging the version of his stories. Even friends who lie to you never become successful after destroying your precious lives without and gain. My friend is a compulsive liar sometime change his personality in both ways. When a friend lies to you then you will get heart a lot.

Make up stories in my head

It is normal to create an imaginary world that you are not strange. Everyone needs to escape from reality from time to time. Hell it would be great to tell someone about it and not decide it but it is in your head that you can be for any reason or do whatever you want. It only gets worse when you try to recreate some of those expectations that seem a little too much. You’re not crazy or a lot of people have it and still use it that’s why make up stories in your head will remain continue till death.

Another word for habitual liar

There are many pathological lies. For someone who doesn’t care that he deceives people but when he tells the truth about them, you can only call them liars.

Lying to make yourself look better

Self-serving lies are people who try to make themselves look better or avoid embarrassment or punishment or accusation or hurt their feelings. You know this kind of thing – you claim to have done really well or you deny that you did anything bad or embarrassing. Some people create their own storms, and get upset when it rains because of believing your own lies quotes. When you believe your own lies then your life will be destroyed by others easily. Now a days lying to therapist for attention is another issue for avoiding or not telling the actual problem just because of fear.

Signs of a liar in a relationship

Since it is not always easy or straightforward to detect a lie, do not rely on these signs to identify a lie. Just because someone shows some of the following attitudes does not necessarily mean that they are lying.

  • Avoid eye contact, look to the right, look to the past, or stay away from you while talking.
  • To be vague, to offer some details.
  • Body language and facial expressions do not match what is being said, such as saying “no” but moving the head up and down.
  • Continued denial of allegations.
  • Crossing arms or legs.
  • Different behaviors such as not working as usual.
  • Contradictions in what is being shared.
  • Lack of finger pointing.
  • Lack of many consciences when speaking.

Why women lie about their past

She can lie to you to test you. She can create a story about a past relationship to see how you react to it, so in the future she knows what to tell you and what not. So, she can tell you that she is going out to dinner with an ex-boyfriend to see if you are jealous, crazy or trying to stop her. If you react as expected, she will never tell you such things again.

Girlfriend lies a lot

My girlfriend is a pathological liar or you can also say that my boyfriend is a pathological liar so leave it. If you are faithful to it, you are probably more capable. What he can’t do is stay and lie constantly so that in the end he will give you a big lie that hurts you more than before. Add and lying will make your life like a hell. Always tell the truth sign for winning the hearts of others.

Married to a pathological liar

My husband is a compulsive liar if your spouse appears to be constantly lying for no reason or purpose, you may be married to a liar. Compulsive lying usually begins before adolescence, and you may be suspected of lying to your spouse for some time, although most people who struggle with this behavior refuse any compulsion.  Another word for compulsive liar is a bad or habitual liar as I told you before.


Different types of liars

  • Compulsive liars
  • Pathological liars
  • Sociopathic liars
  • White liars
  • Careless liars
  • Occasional liars

Why do addicts lie about everything?

Because lying will become their habit and then they feel no shame in lying or doing other wrong things.

Borderline personality and lying

In addition, people with borderline personality disorder lying (BPD) often experience deep and deep embarrassment. Lying can be a way to hide mistakes or weaknesses that increase embarrassment. People with BPD are often very sensitive to rejection. So, one of the tasks of lying is to cover up mistakes so that others do not reject them.

Why do men lie about little things?

Men lie because they think it’s a way to protect women (and themselves). When he lies to you. It means that he knows the truth about what he has done or not done. What he is thinking to do, or what he feels. He has the potential to break your relationship with you.


I hope now you all will get the answer of “can a pathological liar love someone” from this informative knowledge lead by the experienced person who faced a lot of liars in their past lives and was betrayed by them thousands of times even between their own families or from blood relations so they give advice to the others that’s how you can find that the man standing in front of you is a pathological liar or not and now only  What Is Family Structure and Types of Family Structures can tell the nature and the disease of that pathological liar.

Can a Pathological Liar Love Someone

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