Build links for local businesses using white-hat techniques

How to build links for local businesses using white hat techniques

In order to market and promote your small local business, you have to find the most affordable options. SEO (search engine optimization) can put you at risk when that need arises.

There are a lot of black-hat SEO companies who use techniques like building hundreds of low-quality links on spammy sites or publishing keyword-stuffed pages that don’t make sense to readers.

Local businesses should build links to their websites

SEO’s most challenging component is link building. Usually, websites have little incentive to link to yours, so you have to convince them to do so. However, earning links for your small business will pay off big if you put in the effort.

Local SEO experts reported link building to be “very effective” for boosting rankings in a BrightLocal survey. 

Local business is advantageous in this field. Rankings at local levels tend to be less competitive than those at a general level, and being part of a local community presents some unique linking opportunities. Consider these legitimate link building techniques for local businesses.   

Become a local business partner.

Relationships are at the heart of link building. Those who have a genuine connection to your business are much more likely to link to your website.

Do a search for other local businesses in your area that do something similar to what you do. In the case of dog treats, pet groomers, dog walkers, veterinarians, and dog trainers could be included. Talk to the owners of the businesses about ways you can help each other. Consider offering discounts for customers you refer to each other or planning events together. When you collaborate with other businesses, you will have the opportunity to build links naturally, as well as gain other benefits from your relationship.

Join a professional organization with a directory.

Many cities have a chamber of commerce and some have chambers focused on specific demographics of business owners (e.g. a LGBTQ chamber of commerce, a Hispanic chamber of commerce). There are also typically a number of professional organizations for specific industries.

Find out if there are any professional organizations in your area that offer memberships with directory inclusion. If so, it’s another excellent way to earn local links.

Charity Drives and Fundraisers can be a lot of fun.

Link building is both a good thing and a way to do good. You have every reason to spread the word about a cause you care about when you work to help others.

It will be promoted on the nonprofit’s own website by the organization you support. The story may be covered by local journalists and bloggers. The nonprofit or publication that covers the story may also inspire followers to share news about it with their own audiences.

Local content should be written and promoted.

One of the big parts of white-hat SEO link building is content marketing because when you create unique and great content, it gives other websites something to link to.

There are a lot of businesses that use content marketing, which means the strategy is pretty competitive. However, you do not have to compete with every business within your industry in the search rankings, just those that serve the same local audience as you do.

Get in touch with local bloggers.

Local bloggers often write about local happenings or issues that concern residents in their communities. Linking to them can be lucrative.

Identify bloggers in your city and reach out to see if they are interested in collaborating. Maybe they will provide a review in exchange for a free visit to your business, or maybe you can set up an affiliate arrangement with them that makes them a little money every time one of their readers makes a purchase because they heard about it on the blog.

You’ll both have a reason to mention you on their blog if you can work out an arrangement that benefits both of you.

Relevant Roundup Pages should be found:

Most local websites write round up posts about the top businesses in various categories, think of titles like “The Best Brunch Spots in Chicago”, “The Best Coworking Spaces in Austin.”

You might be able to contribute to local round-up blog posts if you consider the different categories your business might fall into.  Ask the author if they are aware of your business and willing to add it to the list if you find any.

Guest post:

Providing value to both you and the other website is one of the most common white-hat link building tactics. You’re offering them something that benefits them and their audience, rather than just asking another stranger to do the work of adding a link to their website.

Find blogs in your area relevant to your business and ask if they accept guest posts. You may not have an easy time connecting. Even a local knitting blog may be interested in a post about all the things readers should know before monetizing their hobby if it is not about accounting specifically. It is just a matter of finding blogs with enough of a connection that you can add value to their readers. 

Build links for local businesses using white-hat techniques

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